Data sets used

For the visualisations, data sets from the Salomon Ludwig Steinheim-Institut for Jewish-German History and the Academy of Sciences and Literature | Mainz have been used.

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Epidat Epigraphical Database
Epidat website

Epidat - The Database of Jewish epigraphy - provides the inventory, documentation, editions and presentation of epigraphical collections. Records are released under CC-BY and are available in a wealth of formats (HTML, TEI, etc.).

Epidat website

Corpus Vitrearum Medii Aevi (Germany)
Corpus Vitrearum website

The CVMA digital image archive contains high quality fotos of medieval stained glass windows studied by the project. The images and metadata are released under CC-BY and are available as TIFF (images), XMP and JSON-LD (metadata).

CVMA website

Inspirations for the Epidat family relation visualisations (Neo4j and SGVizler) originated from a discussion about visualizing XML based relationships on the TEI mailinglist.

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